How AIA Australia covered Mark and his family

How AIA Australia covered Mark and his family*

Mark is an accountant, husband and father to three children.  After their first child was born, Mark and his wife took out MaxLife Life Protect cover of $800,000 (main benefit) with additional Trauma cover of $250,000 (additional cover) so that his family would be financially protected if he was to suffer serious illness or injury.

Eight years after taking out life insurance, Mark was diagnosed with bowel cancer. He underwent surgery and chemotherapy as recommended by his Medical Specialist. He was able to claim a lump sum benefit payment of $250,000 Trauma cover. This benefit allowed Mark to receive top medical treatment and not have to worry about how his family’s living expenses were going to be paid while he was on prolonged leave from work.

As Mark took out MaxLife Life Protect cover with additional Trauma cover, once his Trauma claim was paid, his MaxLife Life Protect cover (main benefit) was reduced by the equivalent amount ($250,000 paid out for Trauma) and his Trauma cover ended. As a result, he still has $550,000 remaining on his MaxLife Life Protect cover.


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