Advance Care Directive


Disclaimer - New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia
Your Wills does not form a solicitor/client relationship of any kind. The completion of this document does not constitute any legal, taxation or financial advice from Your Wills. Your Wills is an online platform for people to write and complete their own Wills and Power of Attorney documents for use in Australian States and Territories. If you are at all unsure whether you should use this document we advise you seek legal advice or advice from a medical practitioner. If you require this document to apply in multiple states or territories, we recommend you seek separate legal advice. Once completed this document can be uploaded to your My Health Record so that medical practitioners can view your Advance Care Directive before making any medical decisions. An Advance Care Directive will continue to apply until it is revoked by the principal, it expires (if an expiration date is included) or upon the death of the principal. Your Wills accepts no responsibility and/or liability and is subject to our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

Disclaimer – Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia
Your Wills is not able to provide an advance care directive for the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Queensland or South Australia as it must comply with specific state/territory requirements of the legislation. Should you require this document for one of these states, we recommend you seek separate legal advice or visit the state/territory government website for further information.

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