About Us

Your Wills is an Australian company that offers you a simple to use, straightforward solution allowing you to cost effectively create a legally recognised Will online from the comfort of your own home. No need to meet a lawyer face to face – your Will will be delivered straight to your inbox. Then all you need to do is print, execute and witness to complete your legally recognised Will: job done!

Technology has made our lives more convenient. We’re ordering our food, our designated drivers, our groceries and even our education online. We use technology to line up a date, and in the same breath, we book a table to dine with them. Every day, there’s a new and more efficient way to complete tasks that used to be complicated and time consuming. It’s on this premise that we created Your Wills.

As result of the global pandemic, there has been a continued shift in digital first solutions and online product enhancements that allow us to access and use technology to improve our daily lives. There is a strong link between having your financial affairs in order and your overall emotional and financial wellbeing. This extends to the ability to complete your Will online.

Your Wills conforms and is governed by the legal requirements of each State and Territory of Australia. Your Wills is governed by the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth). Your Wills is not a Legal Service.