About Us

Your Wills is a Australian-based company all about helping you save time and money by doing your own Will, in your own time, at an affordable price. Despite what you might think, if your Will is simple and straight forward, you don’t have to fork out money to cover expensive legal fees, or take time out of your busy day to see a legal professional. Your Wills offers you a simple, straightforward solution that lets you draft and complete a legally recognised Will online.

Technology has made our lives more convenient. We’re ordering our food, our designated drivers, our groceries online. We use technology to line up a date and in the same breath we book a table to dine with them. Every day there’s something new to replace an old way of doing a crucial thing that was hard to do and it’s on this premise we created Your Wills.

We also want to remove the stigma and confusion that seems to surround the topic of making of a Will.

Think about it this way. Just like you want to safeguard your house or your car with insurance, making a Will is a way to ensure that when you pass away, your family and loved ones are taken care of and your wishes are followed.

Your Wills

Your Wills conforms and is governed by the legal requirements of each State and Territory of Australia. Your Wills is governed by the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth). Your Wills is not a Legal Service.