Making a Will in QLD

Whether you’re a proud parent, pet lover or adrenaline junkie, Your Wills has created a way for every Australian to write their legally valid Will in QLD.

With Your Wills, expensive lawyers’ fees and confusing legal jargon are a thing of the past. Now, you can make a Will in QLD entirely online, using our unique 9-step process that takes just minutes to complete.

We believe every family should be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with protecting their future. So read on to find all the key information you need and how you can access our Will Kits in QLD.

Legal Will Kits & Templates in QLD


The process of making a Will in QLD involves creating a legally binding document, which lists all your assets and the beneficiaries they should be left to. This document needs to be certified by two witnesses.

In the past, this process was expensive and complicated – leaving many people without a Will in QLD. But Your Wills has made the process easier than ever before, with a hassle-free online solution. We offer 3 tiered packages, ranging from Standard to Premium to Platinum.

Simply choose from one of these levels of cover, then complete our simple 9-step online application process. With Your Wills, protecting your future and enjoying real peace of mind has never been easier, quicker or cheaper.

Make Your Will in 9 Simple Steps


Your Wills gives you the unique ability to create a Will in QLD, entirely online, in just 9 steps. Simply list your Executors, Guardians and Carers, along with your Assets, Estate and Gifts.

The process is intuitive and easy to understand. It’s written in a way that makes sense to every Australian, without any unnecessary legal jargon or complicated processes.

Now you can create a Will in QLD from the comfort of your own home. Make an account for free today and try before you buy – there’s never any stress, pressure or hassle. With Your Wills, you can take your time to make the choices that are right for you and your family.

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DIY Will Kits Made for QLD Families

For many families, making a Will in QLD often includes property, land, money and vehicles. It’s important that the correct legal process is followed and that the entire estate of the family member in question is carefully catalogued.

Traditionally, this hasn’t always been an easy process. Some people don’t like to think about making a Will – or they simply don’t have the time, money or ability to complete the process.

If you die without a Will in QLD, the implications can be serious. Family members can contest the way assets are divided, resulting in difficult and expensive court cases.

Why leave a mess when you can leave a Will? Your Wills makes it easy because we provide Legal Will Kits & Templates in QLD – accessible entirely online.

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