Will kit or online Wills – Your Wills, Your Way

Will kits and online Wills are the most convenient ways to prepare your own Will in Australia. They put you in the driver’s seat so you can plan for the future and make sure your loved ones will be looked after.

It’s as easy as it sounds. Simply buy an online Will in Australia, then follow the step-by-step instructions for how to fill it out. There’s no more the hassle of finding and meeting a lawyer.

Though both options grant convenience and affordability, whether you should choose a Will kit or an online Will depends on your specific circumstances.

Wills in Australia are Your Final Say

Your Will in Australia is the last word you get to say. But so many people forget to take care of this crucial detail before they pass away.

Unfortunately, not having a Will means leaving behind a mess to be cleaned up by your family and friends – the very people you want to spare any of this.

Will kits and online Wills make it quicker and easier than ever to write your Will in Australia. Your last Will and testament allows you to detail who your beneficiaries are and how your Estate should be divided between them. They also have other information such as the guardian of your children and pets.

Wills in Australia are tailored to the State or Territory you live in, so take a look at our Wills for NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

The Convenient Way to Write Your Will

Spare your loved ones the stress and legal costs, and prepare your Will in Australia. It only needs to take a few minutes.

Gone are the days when writing Wills in Australia was a costly, drawn-out process. You had to choose the lawyer, meet the lawyer, and pay the lawyer – all just to write a Will.

In the modern era, it’s a simple matter to buy a Will planning kit or complete your Will online. You pay a single one-off fee, follow the clear instructions to fill it out, and have it signed and witnessed – then you’re done with preparing your Will.

You’re only minutes away from a lifetime of peace of mind, knowing that you’re leaving your loved ones in good shape. A Will in Australia is easier to knock out of the way now, than to deal with this lurking on your to-do list forever!

DIY Will Kit or an Online Will?

Just because they’re convenient doesn’t mean you’re getting anything less than a full, legal Will in Australia. However, you still have to choose between a DIY Will kit or an online Will.

DIY Will Kit

For some people, a legal Will kit is the best way to meet all your needs. A Will kit may suit in a straightforward situation – such as where you want to leave all your estate to beneficiaries and nominate guardians for your children. However, there are some important caveats when it comes to preparing an Australian legal Will kit.

Will kits in Australia offer limited support. If you have filled it out incorrectly or missed key sections, the Will won’t be checked; and in the worst-case scenario, a mistake could make the Will ineffective or even invalidate it.

Also, even the best DIY Will kit is only a paper document. As a fixed document, it is difficult to update the terms of your last Will and testament kit to reflect your changing circumstances, such as when you buy a house or grow your family. If a major change such as a marriage or divorce hasn’t been reflected in your Will kit, it may again be invalidated.

Online Will

For most people, an online Will is the best and most convenient option if your situation is straight forward. They provide all the convenience and affordability of a will planning kit. For a complicated situation your Wills can refer you SLF’s Estate Planning team and tailor a customised Will solution for your needs.

Completed in a matter of minutes, the best time to get it done is now. Complete your Will online today with Your Wills.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat for your own life planning and purchase your Will now.