Making a Will in Victoria

Planning for the future is an important part of a healthy, happy life. To this end, Your Wills has created a simple, easy and efficient way for everyone to make a Will in Victoria.

In the past, expensive legal bills have dissuaded many people from completing this important process. The result? Contested Wills and disputed estates. It’s the last thing anyone wants – for their memory and their legacy to be tarnished by a messy dispute.

But now, making a Will in Victoria is easier than ever before. With an intuitive online process and tiered packages for every budget, you can safeguard your legacy in just minutes.

You’ll find all the details on legally recognised Wills in Victoria below. Get the facts you need, and when you’re ready to begin making your will, simply create a free account with Your Wills today.

The Best Way to Make a Will


In the past, anyone wanting to make a Will in Victoria would have needed to visit a lawyer. It ended up being a complicated and expensive process. For too many families busy with other responsibilities, this important part of the lifecycle simply fell by the wayside.

But technology has evolved, and now, the best way to make a Will in Victoria is online. Your Wills has created a simple, seamless, 9-step process that anyone can complete in just minutes.

Our online portal is uniquely intuitive. With a step-by-step workflow that is completely customisation at each stage, writing your Will has never been easier. You’ll also have the peace of mind that you’ve got a legally recognised Will in Victoria.

What is a DIY Will Kit?


Because making your Will is such a personal process, you need the freedom to make the choices that are right for you. Traditionally, Wills in Victoria and Melbourne haven’t always been this flexible. A quick legal appointment doesn’t always provide the time you need to make these important decisions.

But now, making a Will in Victoria is easier than ever before, thanks for our DIY Will Kits. This simple, step-by-step online process gives you a comprehensive range of options, whilst keeping everything easy to understand and simple to complete.

Get Your Vic Online Legal Will Kit Today. Contact Your Wills or Start Online Now.

Get DIY Will Kits in Victoria

Your Wills has helped so many families make Wills in Victoria – giving them complete peace of mind for years to come. At every stage, you’ll be given the time to really think about your choices, before making your arrangements with our intuitive online platform.

It’s the modern solution to making a Will in Victoria – one that gives Australians the dignity and independence they deserve. Protecting your legacy and your loved ones really can be that simple. Is it time for your family to do the same?

The Best Way to Make a Will in Victoria is with Your Wills. Create Your Will, Your Way – Online Now.