Why Do I Need A Will?

  • Do you want to burden your grieving family with needless drama and extra costs?
  • Do you want the government deciding who gets your assets?
  • Do you want a State Trustee you’ve never met taking money out of your estate to sort everything out?

This is exactly what could happen if you die without a Will, which is known as dying ‘intestate’. While each State and Territory is bound by slightly different intestacy laws that affect your Will, the results are invariably the same. More stress, heartache and financial worries for those you’ve left behind.

That’s why every Australian 18 years and over needs a Will.

Is Your Wills Right for My Situation?

Your Wills provides an easy, hassle-free online solution for straightforward situations.

At Your Wills we recognise that some situations are not always straightforward. If you are at all unsure we recommend you discuss any matter with a lawyer. These may include and are not limited to; you have a disabled child, you are a part owner in a business, have a ‘blended family’ with children from a previous relationship, are a beneficiary of a family trust and own a property overseas and/or have a large volume of assets.

You definitely need a Will if you or any of your family members:

  • Have just had a baby or you have a family
  • Bought your first property
  • Love to go on adventure holidays
  • Are in a same sex partnership
  • Work as a tradesman or put your body on the line daily
  • Are independent
  • About to retire or are retired

And you definitely need a new Will if:

  • Your children have grown up and now have families of their own
  • You’re separated or divorced
  • Bought investment properties
  • Remarried
  • Have a new baby with a new partner