Online Property Wills & Estate Planning

Tom has just bought his first house in a cool suburb. He’s sacrificed and saved hard to afford it and is now enjoying his own home and socially hectic lifestyle.

But as we all know, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”. So if something happens to Tom, what’s going to happen to his house?

Without a Property Will,  it’s not clear who this valuable asset should be left to. If an estate becomes contested – then a loved one’s legacy can be affected. So all that hard work, saving and sacrifice could be forgotten.

Your Wills to the rescue.

Tom only needs to allow 30 minutes out of his busy day to organise his Will, and his house will be in safe hands.

Ultimate Peace of Mind


A will for property and estate planning is the best way to make sure your property and assets are distributed the way you want them to be.

Property Wills is the safest and quickest way to look after the people who matter the most to you. Your Will makes sure that your estate passes on to the people you want it to go to, and helps to protect the assets from contestation.

Eventually, we all need to make a Will. Taking the step to be prepared could mean saving our loved ones a mountain of stress and thousands of dollars.

Your Property Will Online


Wills for property and estate planning used to be a long-winded process – not to mention, an expensive one too.

These days, you can easily write a Will online in just a few minutes. There are none of the hassles of having to find and visit a lawyer.

Your Will should contain information on your properties, assets and other investments, as well as the beneficiaries you’ve chosen. The process of writing estate Wills is quick and simple – you just have to answer a set of straightforward questions.

Leaving Property in a Will


Creating a Will online is not only quicker and cheaper, but it’s also easier to change. As your circumstances and assets change over time, you may want to update your Will to reflect this.

With online property Wills, it’s a simple matter to adjust the information detailed in it – without having to hire a lawyer or go through any other tedious processes.

Depending on what kind of package best suits you, leaving property in a Will is the most cost-effective way to look after the people who matter to you.

Start Your Will Today


It’ll take more time to manage your “To Do” list, than for you to go and write your property Will now.

Rather than more excuses, it’s time to put together a Will for the property and assets you leave behind. You can have a property Will for just a double-digit number – not a lawyer’s fee that runs to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Take the right step for your personal Wills and estate planning today. It only takes a matter of minutes.

Create a Your Will account and start making your property Will today.