Customised ‘Gifts in Wills’ software for charities, foundations and clubs.

Empowering charities, foundations and clubs to drive successful ‘Gifts in Wills’ programs.

Empowering organisations within the charity, foundation and club sector to drive successful ‘Gifts in Wills’ programs for their members and the broader community.

Often, organisations will only hear about a bequest after a member has passed away. The Your Willis ‘Gifts in Wills’ program allows organisations to proactively engage with their members by being able to acknowledge the intent to leave a bequest before the member has passed away. This recognition can deepen the relationship between the organisation and its members by driving a potential additional membership tier: The Bequests Club. This membership tier can provide additional access, services or engagement with the club to reward the financial commitment of members who have indicated that they intend to leave a gift – big or small – to the club in their Will.

Utilising the Your Wills ‘Gifts in Wills’ software will mean that whenever an individual indicates their intent to leave a gift in their Will to you organisation, you’ll receive a notification from Your Wills so that you can act swiftly on this information to engage with this member.

Customised Solution

  • Your Wills will build a custom platform utilising your branding to ensure consistency and brand recognition for your members.

World First Initiative

  • This custom built platform is a world first initiative to assist in driving millions of dollars in support for charities, foundations and clubs.

Lead Management

  • Your Wills provides a seamless lead management process. As soon as an individual registers their intent to leave a gift in their Will to your organisation, you will receive a notification from Your Wills. This allows you to immediately engage with this member in order to deepen your ongoing relationship with them.

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