The Ins and Outs of Changing Your Will

The Ins and Outs of Changing Your Will

Your Will is your decision. If you change your mind, you can change your Will too. In fact, you have the right to change your Will as many times as you see fit. What about your existing Will? Though you can take the option to amend a Will, usually, the easiest option is to simply create a new …
The Your Wills Team 01/12/2021
Executor Responsibilities - Learn About Them Here

Executor Responsibilities – Learn About Them Here

A lot of responsibility rests on the shoulders of the Executor of a Will. As Executor, you have been entrusted with the task of carrying out the wishes of the Will, in the way that the deceased intended. Through a Will, the deceased can play a final role in looking after the people who mattered …
The Your Wills Team 30/11/2021
Probate and Its Implications

What Is a Grant of Probate and How Does It Affect My Will?

What makes your Will valid? A Grant of probate is a legal document confirming the executor/s listed in your Will are legally appointed to deal with your Will. The probate of a Will is essential for the Executor, or your legal representative after you're gone, to begin to carry out the wishes of your Will. …
The Your Wills Team 29/10/2021

How Do I Make My Will Legal?

What makes a Will valid? Do I need to complete my Will with a lawyer for it to be valid? While there are a few things to check off for a legal Will, they don't include having a lawyer write the document or be present when you sign it. To officially finalise your legally binding …
The Your Wills Team 28/10/2021
How To Create An Estate Plan.

How To Create An Estate Plan

How do you want your assets dealt with? Estate planning - or planning how your assets will be distributed after you pass away - is a crucial element of any wealth management strategy. After all, it’s part of your legacy and helps loved ones to remember you. There is more to estate planning than just writing your …
The Your Wills Team 11/10/2021

How AIA Australia covered Mark and his family

How AIA Australia covered Mark and his family* Mark is an accountant, husband and father to three children.  After their first child was born, Mark and his wife took out MaxLife Life Protect cover of $800,000 (main benefit) with additional Trauma cover of $250,000 (additional cover) so that his family would be financially protected if …
The Your Wills Team 01/10/2021

How AIA Vitality helped one woman detect breast cancer

When Joanna’s Garmin watch broke, she could never have predicted that it would lead to a shocking discovery about her health.   The broken fitness tracker was expensive, so Joanna decided to use some Shopping Rewards vouchers she’d earned through AIA Vitality to replace it. Joanna knew if she reached Platinum Status, she would earn …
The Your Wills Team 01/10/2021
The Four Types of Wills and What They Include

The Four Types of Wills and What They Include

There are many different types of families in Australia - and many types of Wills to suit your unique circumstances. Choosing the right property Will for you will benefit your loved ones in the future, so make sure you're informed on the different types of Wills available. Simple Wills A conventional simple Will is what …
The Your Wills Team 30/09/2021
Why Should I have a Medical Power of Attorney

Why Should I Have a Medical Power of Attorney?

At Your Wills we cater to a diverse range of needs. The appointment of a medical decision maker may not be at the forefront of your everyday thinking, however, in our experience, an orderly approach to medical responsibility and care sees families and individuals guided in times of uncertainty and hardship. For others, the decision …
The Your Wills Team 18/08/2021
Cracking On Your Will

8 Reasons To Get Cracking On Your Will

1. Dying intestate is a nightmare! What does dying intestate mean? Dying Intestate means dying without a Will. If you die without a Will (intestate) the relevant State Trustee may be able to charge a fee of approx. 5.5%* of the gross value of assets of your Estate. Having a Will provides peace of mind …
The Your Wills Team 10/03/2021