What Are the Main Laws around Digital Wills?

What Are the Main Laws around Digital Wills-min

Drafting and executing your Will shouldn’t be a laborious or expensive process. That’s why Your Wills streamlines the creation of your Will digitally and helps you to understand the main laws around digital Wills.

Digital Wills are Wills which are created electronically and stored in a digital format, allowing the Will maker to easily make changes in the future. This is a relatively recent phenomenon, but if you look online today, you’ll find that digital Wills have truly come into their own.

It’s easy to see why. The concept of a digital Will offers a stress-free, affordable, step-by-step process to drafting, storing and updating official Wills – throughout all facets of life and in full legality.

If you need to create a Will in a hurry, choosing an online Wills platform is the best way to process your Will.

Relevant Laws for Digital Wills

The laws around your digital Will are essentially the same as laws pertaining to a standard Will and testament.

As the same laws readily apply, the same legal framework for non-digital Wills also applies to digital Wills. There are a number of laws that you should adhere to and be aware of when creating and lodging your digital Will.

The preparation of a Will is a delicate undertaking, and it is important that matters of guardianship, estate, family and finance are clearly, unequivocally and lawfully expressed in the form of an official document.

In essence, a digital Will must be validly drafted and executed in the same manner as a traditionally prepared Will. In most states and territories in Australia in order to execute a digital Will, the Will must be printed and physically signed in the presence of witnesses.

The Key Benefits of a Digital Will

Unlike a traditional Will, which is typed on a hard-copy document and essentially immovable, a digital Will offers more room to adjust.

Variance and adaptability are the key benefits of a digital Will. Depending on the type of Will package, the Will’s creator can include updates and/or draft ongoing amendments to the Will, wherever and whenever necessary.  The Will maker need only make the amendments to the digital Will, print it and execute it in the presence of the required witnesses.

A digital Will offers the all-important option of altering areas of the document as time goes by. This is especially convenient and relevant considering the non-stop flow of life events, such as births, deaths, marriages, divorces and any other unexpected surprises.

Having a digital Will with the option for updates means you don’t have to return to your lawyer or legal representative, each time a change is required to your existing Will.

The holder of the Will – or digital Will writer, as it were – is able to access the Will online and make pertinent changes as they see fit and according to circumstance.

A digital Will is just as legally binding as a traditional Will. The difference is that a digital Will can be effortlessly and promptly drafted and executed from the comfort of your home. This provides not only efficiency but also great peace of mind for the Will writer as well as their family and loved ones.

We Can Help with your Digital Wills

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