How To Update Your Will Without A Solicitor

Ensuring your Will is being regularly updated to reflect your ever changing life circumstances is absolutely vital to make sure your Estate ends up being distributed precisely as you wish. When a Will hasn’t been updated for some time and there are significant changes to the Estate, this can present a potential issue when it …
The Your Wills Team 15/07/2022
How Many Wills Can You Have?

How Many Wills Can You Have?

In Australia, we are proud to be multicultural. Indeed, our population has roots and relatives from countries all over the globe and many Australia’s reside internationally, which brings us to the topic at hand. Whilst you cannot have more than one valid Australian Will at a time, you may be able to have more than …
The Your Wills Team 15/07/2022
How Long Do Wills Take to Process

How Long Do Wills Take to Process?

Dying without a Will can lead to many issues, such as burdening your grieving family with added costs and leaving your assets to your next of kin (or to the government if you have no family members) rather than the persons you may wish to leave your estate to. While neither of these are favourable …
The Your Wills Team 03/03/2022

What Happens to Your Cryptocurrency or Digital Assets When You Die?

While cryptocurrency has become a popular source of digital currency, ensuring it is kept safe, during your lifetime and after you pass away, is important to protecting your Estate assets. Hence, your Will should outline how you want your Executor to distribute your digital assets. This requires ensuring your Executor can obtain the private keys …
The Your Wills Team 03/03/2022
Store Will

How and Where to Store Your Will in Australia?

It can seem like so much work to go through the steps of writing your Will executing it appropriately – but you're not done quite yet. The next step is where to safely store it. Part of the paradox of a Will is that it is an important, often confidential legal document that must be …
The Your Wills Team 08/02/2022
Make a Will

Do I Need a Solicitor to Make a Will?

If your situation is straight forward you may not need a solicitor to make a Will – in the modern-day and age, there are far easier options available. However, if you have a large or complex estate or require a testamentary trust you will need to consult a lawyer. With online Wills platforms, you can …
The Your Wills Team 08/02/2022
What Are the Main Laws around Digital Wills-min

What Are the Main Laws around Digital Wills?

Drafting and executing your Will shouldn’t be a laborious or expensive process. That’s why Your Wills streamlines the creation of your Will digitally and helps you to understand the main laws around digital Wills. Digital Wills are Wills which are created electronically and stored in a digital format, allowing the Will maker to easily make …
The Your Wills Team 20/12/2021

They famously died without a Will

It’s surprising to note how many of the rich and famous have died without having a legally recognised Will. You would think that with their fame, fortune, teams of representatives (including lawyers for every aspect of their professional and personal lives) and the knowledge that their assets and investments will continue to grow - even after …
The Your Wills Team 19/03/2019

How are those New Year’s Resolutions Going?

2019 has well and truly begun. And it’s around about now that those well intentioned new year’s resolutions start to fall by the wayside. Between family, friends, work, the house, travel plans – all those goals just seem to be taking too long to achieve. What you need is a few quick wins (wines?) to …
The Your Wills Team 18/02/2019