How are those New Year’s Resolutions Going?

2019 has well and truly begun.

And it’s around about now that those well intentioned new year’s resolutions start to fall by the wayside. Between family, friends, work, the house, travel plans – all those goals just seem to be taking too long to achieve. What you need is a few quick wins (wines?) to get you back on track.

Whilst you’re trying to decide between keto and kickboxing, you can get your Will sorted. Yep – in the time it takes to decide between potential new health regimes, you can ensure everything you’ve worked so hard for so far, goes straight to the ones you love most should the inevitable occur.

Making a Will might seem complex, morbid or even prohibitively expensive. We think that’s because no one really talks about it – it’s all a bit mysterious so we all have preconceived ideas of the process.

That’s where we come in. From darkness, there is light.

Your Wills is an Australian-based company all about helping you save time and money by doing your own Will, in your own time, at an affordable price.

Despite what you might think, if your Will is simple and straight forward, you don’t have to fork out money to cover expensive legal fees, or take time out of your busy day to see a legal professional.

Your Wills offers you a simple, straightforward solution that lets you draft and complete a legally recognised Will online.

Here’s the fast facts:

  • There are only 9 simple steps from start to finish to complete your Will
  • You don’t pay until you’ve completed the process
  • To officially finalise your legally binding Will, ensure you have two independent individuals (over the age of 18) witness you signing each page of your Will – including the all-important very last page. Your witnesses then need to sign each page of your Will too. Your witnesses must use exactly the same pen you used to sign your Will. Done! It’s that easy!

We also offer Will Sharing Service that allows you to share an unsigned copy of your Will with your Executor, Accountant, Lawyer, Family member/s and or Trusted Friend.

Ready to be a responsible grown up? Let’s create a will online.

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