Executor Responsibilities - Learn About Them Here

Executor Responsibilities – Learn About Them Here

A lot of responsibility rests on the shoulders of the Executor of a Will. As Executor, you have been entrusted with the task of carrying out the wishes of the Will, in the way that the deceased intended. Through a Will, the deceased can play a final role in looking after the people who mattered …
The Your Wills Team 30/11/2021

They famously died without a Will

It’s surprising to note how many of the rich and famous have died without having a legally recognised Will. You would think that with their fame, fortune, teams of representatives (including lawyers for every aspect of their professional and personal lives) and the knowledge that their assets and investments will continue to grow - even after …
The Your Wills Team 19/03/2019

How are those New Year’s Resolutions Going?

2019 has well and truly begun. And it’s around about now that those well intentioned new year’s resolutions start to fall by the wayside. Between family, friends, work, the house, travel plans – all those goals just seem to be taking too long to achieve. What you need is a few quick wins (wines?) to …
The Your Wills Team 18/02/2019