Do I Need a Solicitor to Make a Will?

Make a Will

If your situation is straight forward you may not need a solicitor to make a Will – in the modern-day and age, there are far easier options available.

However, if you have a large or complex estate or require a testamentary trust you will need to consult a lawyer.

With online Wills platforms, you can take control of your all-important Will without the need to consult a solicitor or outlay costly fees where suitable.

Learn more about the digitisation of Wills.

Digital Wills Don’t Need Solicitors

It’s easy and convenient to write a Will online – it saves you the time and costs associated with hiring a solicitor to make the Will for you.

In fact, the best way to make sure that you’re on track when writing your Will online is to choose a digital Wills platform, such as Your Wills. We’ll promptly, effortlessly and affordably assist you to draft your Wills.

In addition, the other crucial benefit of writing a digital Will is not having to consult your lawyer or legal representative whenever you need to make minor or major changes to your existing Will. Your Wills allows you to make a changes to your Will when you purchase the Premium Will Package, because we believe as your circumstances change, these changes should be reflected in your Will.

This puts the maker of the Will in prime position. Asserting full control of your Will is one of the many redeeming features of adapting to technological advances in the digital era. Once it is written and executed, all you have to do is simply access your Will online, whenever the need for changes or updates occurs.

Being in Control for Peace of Mind

It is important to ensure that your express wishes and intentions are accurately conveyed in a legally binding Will.

Making a Will without a solicitor, but being supported by expert legal guidance from Your Wills, will help in ensuring your wishes and intentions are properly conveyed. This is a huge relief for the Will-writer as well as their family and loved ones in future.

The writing and execution of a Will is a necessary part of life. So it’s comforting to know that you can do so online — on your own terms, without having to pay extra expenses for any ongoing solicitor’s bills.

How Do Online Wills Work?

The drafting of an online Will is easier than you think.

Of course, your digital Will still needs to adhere to the same legal requirements as traditional or non-digital Wills. But the process is simplified by registering on an online Wills platform and following the relevant prompts to create a legally recognised Will.

If you’re still in doubt about its legitimacy, you could always consult legal representation in the first instance, simply as a cautionary measure. We recommend you contact a lawyer who specialises in Wills and Estates for advice regarding drafting a Will.

But more often than not, this won’t be required. You simply need to access an online Wills platform for all the assistance you need to ensure that your digital Will is legally binding.

Don’t Wait until It’s Too Late

Official figures suggest that around half of all Australians do not have a valid Will.

This is often attributed to uncertainty about the procedure or simply leaving it until it’s too late. However, a digital Wills platform can fast-track and streamline the process of making a valid Will readily available to all.

The Will-writer should also remember to write explicitly clear instructions in the Will, ensure that all finances, estates and possessions are accounted for, nominate an executor, and have their Will witnessed in accordance with legal requirements.

This will limit potential future disputes as to the validity of the Will or the provisions within.

Retain Easy Access to Your Digital Will

Of course, you must retain the originally signed Will and should provide a copy to your executors.

After the Will-writer is deceased, all parties pertained to in a valid Will have a legal right to view the Will in question. The Will-writer should provide a copy to their executor/s or issue clear instructions about how to access to the digital Will, quickly and easily.

This should reassure the Will-maker that the executor/s will act in accordance with the Will and provides legal assurance for the executor of said Will and all parties involved.

Don’t forget to inform your family or loved ones about the existence of your digital Will. Losing a beloved family member is hard enough without the uncertainty of not knowing if a valid Will exists in the first place.

Contact Us to Write Your Digital Will

Still need help? If you’re asking yourself whether you need a solicitor to make your Will, you’ve come to the right place at Your Wills. We can put you in touch with SLF Lawyers to discuss the requirements of your Will, and assist in drafting a Will at a cost to be confirmed once your circumstances have been outlined.

So, contact us today to find out how easy it is to make your Wills online.