Dogs Victoria Member Offer

Use Code DOGSVIC10 for 10% off when completing your Will

Leave a Gift in Your Will to Dogs Victoria

The Dogs Victoria Your Wills Program offers an easy to use, straightforward solution to effectively create a legally recognised Will online at a discounted price. There is also the option to bequest money or your estate to Dogs Victoria.

Dogs Victoria Member Offer

Use the code DOGSVIC10 for 10% off when completing your Will with the option to leave a gift in your Will to Dogs Victoria.

Leave your legacy

Games of fetch in the backyard, long walks in the country, lazy afternoons snuggled up on the couch together with your family companion. Our beautiful dogs are a source of unconditional love and provide comfort and a unique bond for the entire family. The joy we derive from showing our dogs competitively is a past-time to be treasured, creating life-long friends and memories.

Leaving a gift with Dogs Victoria is an empowering way of creating a lifetime legacy which will continue the growth of the organisation. Your gift can be used to support Dogs Victoria’s many programs from education and training through to canine health and research, or simply to give back to the sport you love.

Dogs Victoria Bequest Club

With Your Wills, at step seven under Bequests ‘Gifts in Wills’, with your permission we’ll add you to our Bequest Club.

All too often, the first we hear about a bequest is when a member has passed away. By letting us know about your intention to leave a gift to Dogs Victoria in your Will, you can become a part of our Bequest Club. This club allows us to recognise the generosity of our most important benefactors while they are still with us. It also enables us to invite you to events and keep you updated about work of the organisation.

The Dogs Victoria Wills Program is an easy-to-use online Will platform that allows you to create a simple, straightforward, legally binding will online from $89.95 plus GST.

The fast facts:

  • Your Wills is an Australian-based company (supported by SLF Lawyers) that offers you a simple to use, straightforward solution allowing you to cost effectively create a legally recognised Will online from the comfort of your own home. No need to meet a lawyer face to face – your legally recognised Will will be delivered straight to your inbox.
  • There are only nine simple steps from start to finish to complete your Will.
  • No payment required until after you’ve completed Step eight – then review and submit your Will.
  • Once complete, just download the PDF and print it out. Then it’s time to have your Will witnessed.
  • To officially finalise your legally binding Will, ensure you have two independent individuals (over the age of 18) witness you signing each page of your Will – including the all-important very last page. Your witnesses then need to sign each page of your Will too. Your witnesses must use exactly the same pen you used to sign your Will. Done! It’s that easy!
  • Your Wills also offers a Will Sharing Service that allows you to share an unsigned copy of your Will with your Executor, Accountant, Lawyer, family member/s and or trusted friend. Because what good is taking the time to carefully write your Will when no one knows where to find it!