What is a Legal Will Online?

A legal Will in Melbourne is a legal document that provides instructions on the distribution of your assets via your nominated Executors after you’re gone. It can also include gifts made to loved ones and charities of your choice.

It is important that your loved ones have specific guidance on how you would like your Estate divided. This would decrease the possibility of individuals contesting the Estate and make it easier for the Executors to manage the estate. The distribution of a property with a Will is more likely to have less legal costs than a property without a Will.

I Need Legal Advice

If you have any legal questions about preparing your Will, you can speak to SLF Lawyers on +61 418 326 142. The first 15 minutes of any consultation is FREE.

Need Some Technical Assistance Completing Your Will Online

Should you have any technical questions throughout the process when completing your Will online, please do not hesitate to contact our team via 1300 234 806 or send an email to info@yourwills.com.au and a Customer Service Representative Will be in touch.