Create your legally recognised, personal Will online

It’s a sad fact that many independent people actually think they don’t need a Will as they don’t have a partner or any children of their own to leave any of their assets to.

Sarah and Ben are two such independents. They both have great jobs and are happily building a juicy superannuation and property portfolio. Sarah also has a beloved dog who she adores. So what if something were to happen to Sarah or Ben? Who would they want their superannuation to go to? Their siblings, nieces or nephews or parents? A charity perhaps? What about Sarah’s cherished dog? Who would look after him?

  • I found the process to be clear and easy. A great peace of mind to now know my final wishes will be honoured. Great communication from the team as well.

    Suzanne, Vic – Tenpin Bowling Australia
  • Finally got 15 mins to do my Will. Literally all it took. It's taken me 8 years to do this. What a relief! Nice job.

  • Having created my Will online with Your Wills, I now feel empowered being in total control of my Superannuation of which I previously had put off for years, given I had several funds. This alone has been a major accomplishment, combined with creating a Will, giving me total peace of mind that my last wishes will be carried out and my Estate will be divided in the way in which I truly desire. Should of completed years ago. Thank you, Your Wills, too easy!*

    *Completing a Will on Your Wills prompted this customer to look into and manage her Super. Super is distinct from a person’s estate, but drafting a will prompts people to turn their minds to how their Super is managed.

  • Far easier to use than what I expected, I don't know why I waited so long. Would highly recommend.

  • My sister and I have just done our Wills, fast and convenient.

  • Thank you Your Wills, now I have peace of mind!