Same sex couples need a legal Will.

Chris and Sam are a same sex couple that have built a life together for the past 7 years. They have joint bank accounts, bought a house together and were planning on getting engaged. Sadly, Sam tragically died in a car accident.

Sam’s parents never approved of his relationship with Chris, and when Sam died, his parents treated Chris like he didn’t exist and completely excluded him from the funeral arrangements.

Even worse, although it was always known among Sam and Chris’ friends that Sam wanted to be cremated, his parents took Sam’s body home and buried him in the country town where he grew up – which was totally against his wishes.

Even though same sex marriage is now legally recognised in Australia, having a Will ensures that your rights are recognised and your intentions are followed to the letter.

  • I found the process to be clear and easy. A great peace of mind to now know my final wishes will be honoured. Great communication from the team as well.

    Suzanne, Vic – Tenpin Bowling Australia
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    *Completing a Will on Your Wills prompted this customer to look into and manage her Super. Super is distinct from a person’s estate, but drafting a will prompts people to turn their minds to how their Super is managed.

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