What is a Will Testament and how can we help you?

Research has shown that 52% of the Australian Population do not have a Will*. Usually, when someone dies without having Will, the court appoints an administrator who will use the assets of the deceased to pay outstanding taxes and bills. They further decide the distribution of any remaining money based on an existing formula, not exactly as the deceased would have wanted it. The assets may be given to the government of the state or territory to administer if the individual does not have any living relatives that choose to step into the role of the Executor.

What is a Will Testament?

A Will Testament is a legal document that contains how you would like your property and possessions distributed after you’re gone. Having an Estate plan for your family’s interests is paramount after you’re gone to minimise conflict.

The Will Testament online contains the testator or testatrix (will maker) desires, which not only includes who receives the assets and personal property, but also the appointment  Guardianship for any minor children and an Executor to manage your Estate.

How can Your Wills Help you with Online Testament?

Your Wills has created software taking into consideration State and Territory legislation that allows you to complete your Will online allowing you to:

  • Step 3 – Appoint your Executor/s;
  • Step 4 – Detail your Assets and Liabilities;
  • Step 5 – Nominate Guardianship for minor children;
  • Step 6 – Specify a Pet Carer;
  • Step 7 – Leave a Gift to a person/s and charity of choice;
  • Step 8 – Residual of Estate, details who you would like to leave your possessions to.

*Finder.com.au survey of 2,011 Australians.