Asking your clients if they have a Will is a great way to build connection and trust

Asking your clients

Your Wills is an Australian based company (supported by SLF Lawyers) that offers you a simple, straightforward solution for your client to effectively create a legally recognised Will online.

Your Wills have created a compelling client-focused Will service suitable for everyone from the millennial market heading overseas on an adventure holiday to Bali right through to retirees who are looking to ensure there is a clear plan for the division of a lifetime of accumulated assets. Your Wills has done this by creating a persona based marketing solution allowing your client to identify with one of our key personas. This creates a relatable example to encourage them to complete their Will.

Think of it this way:

  • You provide your client with the safety and security of protecting themselves and their loved ones if something were to happen by ensuring they have a legally recognised Will. Remember: if your client dies without a Will, the appropriate State Trustee may be able to charge a fee of up to 5.5% of the gross value of assets of the Estate. In some instances, this may be more or slightly less.
  • Your Wills provides an online platform for your client to complete a simple, 9-step process in order to create a legally recognised Will. Payment is only made at the very end of this process.

For clients that have a more complicated situation, you are able to refer them directly to SLF Lawyers -Your Wills supporting law firm. SLF Lawyers have offices around Australia.

We often hear stories of issues locating a Will after the passing of a loved one. A Will should not be completed once and filed away in a drawer where no one can find it. Your Wills gives you the option of storing your client’s Will on their behalf. This then creates a link between intergenerational wealth because the client’s descendants will request your services to access the most recent copy of your client’s Will.

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