Your Wills x I am Skin Cancer

Your Wills x I am Skin Cancer

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    Here’s the facts

    A legally binding Will can protect your employee’s assets and save their family enormous heartache and detrimental longer-term financial implications that they hadn’t even thought of. Most importantly, having a Will ensures that their wishes are carried out and possessions distributed as they see fit. It provides them with peace of mind at what is an immense time of mourning for their loved ones.

    Your Wills offers you and your client an easy to use, straightforward solution to effectively create a legally recognised Will online.

    • Your Wills is an Australian-based company (supported by SLF Lawyers) that offers your employees a simple to use, straightforward solution to create a legally recognised Will from the comfort of your own home. No need to meet a lawyer face to face – their legally recognised Will will be delivered straight to their inbox. Then all you need to do is print, execute and witness: job done!
    • There are only 9 simple steps from start to finish to complete their Will.
    • No payment required until after they’ve completed their will
    • Once complete, simply have their Will witnessed.

    To officially finalise your legally binding Will, ensure you have two independent individuals (over the age of 18) witness you signing each page of your Will – including the all-important very last page. Your witnesses then need to sign each page of your Will too. Your witnesses must use exactly the same pen you used to sign your Will. Done! It’s that easy!

    Your Wills also offers a Will Sharing Service that allows you to share an unsigned copy of your Will with your Executor, Accountant, Lawyer, family member/s and or trusted friend. Because what good is taking the time to carefully write your Will when no one knows where to find it!

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