Soundtrack for Life

Music plays an important role in so much of our lives. Whether it’s hearing your favourite singer sing your favourite song at a concert with your best mates or singing along with your team to your club song after a thumping win, the soundtrack to these moments gets embedded into our brains for our lifetime.

And when we hear that song again, we’re instantly transported back to that moment – to those people – and we get to relive the happiness and joy all over again.

Some songs seem destined for those moments – an unescapable melody, an iconic beat, lyrics so perfect that you could swear they were written just for you.

So when it comes to deciding which songs you’d like played at your final farewell, a list that represents all those moments almost immediately springs to mind.

Well it did for us, anyway! Using the Your Wills online Will solution you have the option to reference the songs that matter most to you under funeral wishes.

We present to you, the Your Wills Celebration of Life Spotify playlist!

These are the songs that represent our favourite musical moments from our lives. The songs that mean the most to us and that we think will serve as the perfect soundtrack for our last celebration.

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We also offer Will Sharing Service that allows you to share an unsigned copy of your Will with your Executor, Accountant, Lawyer, Family member/s and or Trusted Friend.

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