Probate and Its Implications

What Is a Grant of Probate and How Does It Affect My Will?

What makes your Will valid? A Grant of probate is a legal document confirming the executor/s listed in your Will are legally appointed to deal with your Will. The probate of a Will is essential for the Executor, or your legal representative after you're gone, to begin to carry out the wishes of your Will. …
The Your Wills Team 29/10/2021

How Do I Make My Will Legal?

What makes a Will valid? Do I need to complete my Will with a lawyer for it to be valid? While there are a few things to check off for a legal Will, they don't include having a lawyer write the document or be present when you sign it. To officially finalise your legally binding …
The Your Wills Team 28/10/2021
How To Create An Estate Plan.

How To Create An Estate Plan

How do you want your assets dealt with? Estate planning - or planning how your assets will be distributed after you pass away - is a crucial element of any wealth management strategy. After all, it’s part of your legacy and helps loved ones to remember you. There is more to estate planning than just writing your …
The Your Wills Team 11/10/2021
The Four Types of Wills and What They Include

The Four Types of Wills and What They Include

There are many different types of families in Australia - and many types of Wills to suit your unique circumstances. Choosing the right property Will for you will benefit your loved ones in the future, so make sure you're informed on the different types of Wills available. Simple Wills A conventional simple Will is what …
The Your Wills Team 30/09/2021
Why Should I have a Medical Power of Attorney

Why Should I Have a Medical Power of Attorney?

At Your Wills we cater to a diverse range of needs. The appointment of a medical decision maker may not be at the forefront of your everyday thinking, however, in our experience, an orderly approach to medical responsibility and care sees families and individuals guided in times of uncertainty and hardship. For others, the decision …
The Your Wills Team 18/08/2021
Cracking On Your Will

8 Reasons To Get Cracking On Your Will

1. Dying intestate is a nightmare! What does dying intestate mean? Dying Intestate means dying without a Will. If you die without a Will (intestate) the relevant State Trustee may be able to charge a fee of approx. 5.5%* of the gross value of assets of your Estate. Having a Will provides peace of mind …
The Your Wills Team 10/03/2021
Estate Planing

Common Myths Clients May Have Around Estate Planning

When we talk Wills, traditionally we think death, doom and gloom. This might make the idea of having a conversation about Wills seem all too depressing and difficult. This is where you come in. As a financial adviser, and in light of COVID and the uncertainty that has surrounded 2020, it has never been more …
The Your Wills Team 06/11/2020
Your Wills x I am Skin Cancer

Your Wills x I am Skin Cancer

Thanks for taking the time to check out Your Wills. Try out Your Wills below to see if it’s the right fit for your employees. Like what you see? Contact us today to setup your free landing page and employee discount code. Your Name * Company Name * Email * Message * Start Your Will …
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Your Wills x AFA

Your Wills x Association of Financial Advisers

Click here for a client friendly email Click here to download image Having a legally recognised Will is paramount to achieving true peace of mind and a key component of every Australian’s overall financial wellness. Your clients are likely to have super and insurance as part of their financial plan, but not necessarily considered their …
The Your Wills Team 17/08/2020

Your Wills x Dogs Victoria

Your Wills is proud to partner with the amazing and passionate team at Dogs Victoria. Dogs. They walk with you, they run with you, they climb into a nook and share a doona with you. They’re our four-legged friends, ‘man’s best friend’ - the best kind of company when you need it most. It’s why we fondly refer …
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