Your Wills+ Dogs Victoria

Your Wills x Dogs Victoria

Your Wills is proud to partner with the amazing and passionate team at Dogs Victoria. Dogs. They walk with you, they run with you, they climb into a nook and share a doona with you. They’re our four-legged friends, ‘man’s best friend’ - the best kind of company when you need it most. It’s why we fondly refer …
The Your Wills Team 01/07/2020

Yours Wills x BGL

Click here for a client friendly email Click here to download image Your Wills offers you and your client an easy to use, straightforward solution to effectively create a legally recognised Will online. This is how it could benefit you and your client's: You can now provide your client with the safety and security of …
The Your Wills Team 16/06/2020

A Financial Wellness Offering – Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is a key priority for employers and prioritising mental health, physical and psychological wellbeing is something that resonates with everyone. We all know we need to do better. Especially during this difficult time, a focus on overall wellbeing when you’re juggling work, family, friends, the house, the current news cycle is critical. But …
The Your Wills Team 16/06/2020
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Your Wills Platinum Package

Since Your Wills launched in 2019, a lot has changed in Australia – and the world. Australians now have the time (and yet another good reason) to consider their own mortality in an entirely new light. There has never been a more important time to ensure you have a legal Will. Your Wills is the perfect place to complete your …
The Your Wills Team 17/04/2020
Areas of Wellness

Financial Wellness In Uncertain Times

The wellness industry has exploded over the last few years. The global trend of prioritising your mental health and physical wellness is something that resonates with everyone. We all know we need to do better. But it’s hard to keep motivated and focused on your overall wellness when you’re juggling work, family, friends, the house, the …
The Your Wills Team 20/03/2020
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Your Wills x Include A Charity

Your Wills is proud to partner with the outstanding team at Include A Charity. Include A Charity is a collaboration of over 80 charities in Australia covering a broad spectrum of causes from medical research, education, animal welfare, the environment, the arts and much more. Include A Charity's primary goal is to encourage more people …
The Your Wills Team 19/03/2020