Yours Wills x BGL

Your Wills offers you and your client an easy to use, straightforward solution to effectively create a legally recognised Will online.

This is how it could benefit you and your clients:

  • You can now provide your client with the safety and security of protecting themselves and their loved ones if something were to happen by ensuring they have a legally recognised Will.

Remember: if your client dies without a Will, the appropriate State Trustee may be able to charge a fee of up to 5.5% of the gross value of assets of the Estate. In some instances, this may be more or slightly less.

  • Our solution helps you with Intergenerational Wealth.
  • Assists you to ring fence your client’s assets.
  • You can also proactively help any corporate clients with their employee HR Wellness offering.
  • Add to your Customer Value Proposition.
  • Offer a Living Will solution to your client.
  • We can also help any financial planners or mortgage brokers to help their clients in this space. If you would like to refer them on to us directly, please do so.
  • Your Wills gives you the option of storing your client’s Will on their behalf. This then creates a link between intergenerational wealth as the client’s descendants will need to request your services to access the most recent copy of your client’s Will.

The feedback has been overwhelming that having a Will provides people with peace of mind especially in these uncertain times. For more information, read our blog “Financial Wellness in Uncertain Times”:

If you’ve got more specific questions, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.