Living Forever Online

Completing your Will and testament online ensures that your final wishes are carried out uncontested. Everything from who should become the legal guardian of your children (or fur children!), to who inherits any assets or properties. It’s all there in black and white for your nominated Executor to manage. When you’ve finalised your official, legally …
The Your Wills Team 10/05/2019
Areas of Wellness

Areas of Wellness

The wellness industry has exploded over the last few years. The global trend of prioritising your mental health and physical wellness is something that resonates with everyone. We all know we need to do better. But it’s hard to keep motivated and focused on your overall wellness when you’re juggling work, family, friends, the house, holidays… …
The Your Wills Team 25/04/2019
Asking your clients

Asking your clients if they have a Will is a great way to build connection and trust

Your Wills is an Australian based company (supported by SLF Lawyers) that offers you a simple, straightforward solution for your client to effectively create a legally recognised Will online. Your Wills have created a compelling client-focused Will service suitable for everyone from the millennial market heading overseas on an adventure holiday to Bali right through …
The Your Wills Team 25/04/2019

Got those holiday blues?

Whether you’ve just returned from the ultimate adventure or you’re planning your next move, the holidays blues can strike strong at any moment. Its enough to get you immediately wading through Webjet whilst punting on Powerball. And you’re not alone. In 2017, a staggering 9+ million Australians travelled overseas. Over 1 million of us headed …
The Your Wills Team 09/04/2019

Soundtrack for Life

Music plays an important role in so much of our lives. Whether it's hearing your favourite singer sing your favourite song at a concert with your best mates or singing along with your team to your club song after a thumping win, the soundtrack to these moments gets embedded into our brains for our lifetime. …
The Your Wills Team 02/04/2019

They famously died without a Will

It’s surprising to note how many of the rich and famous have died without having a legally recognised Will. You would think that with their fame, fortune, teams of representatives (including lawyers for every aspect of their professional and personal lives) and the knowledge that their assets and investments will continue to grow - even after …
The Your Wills Team 19/03/2019

How are those New Year’s Resolutions Going?

2019 has well and truly begun. And it’s around about now that those well intentioned new year’s resolutions start to fall by the wayside. Between family, friends, work, the house, travel plans – all those goals just seem to be taking too long to achieve. What you need is a few quick wins (wines?) to …
The Your Wills Team 18/02/2019

The Importance of creating a Will

45% of the Australian adult population do not have a Will!* With NO WILL the government can take up to 5.5% of the gross value of your assets!** Why let this happen? Take control of your life and protect your loved ones – it’s your life! Why? The importance of creating a Will A legally …
The Your Wills Team 26/11/2018

Your Wills. Your Way

Your Will plays a role in your biography, but it’s not the hero nor is it the villain. It doesn’t feature in the coming-of-age chapter, or the time you got married … had it annulled … then found ‘the one’. It’s not there when you buy your first house, sell your first car, or visit …
The Your Wills Team 11/08/2018